Hey future world leaders,

Today, it is crucial that you need to know three strategies SECRET that successful students do every day to stay successful.

3 secrets you can start doing right NOW

And you can start doing these strategies right now.

But before the secret is revealed for you, it is crucial that you know one of the most important success secrets out there…

Successful Students Are Masterful In Self-Confidence

Every single person that you know and admire comes out to the world the same way.

Steve Jobs came out to the world as a baby the same way as you.

Oprah Winfrey came out to the world as a baby the same way as you.

For those of you who love gaming, Ninja came out to the world as baby the way as you.

It’s an equal playing field.

So make up your success in school and in life is how you obtain your self-confidence.

And the 3 simple methods (secrets) that are about to be revealed to you will show you exactly how to do that – they way that most successful students do.

1: Become Efficient with Language and Communication Skills

Improving your communication skills will give you many advantages for success.

Most people can talk … but you see they can’t speak their mind.

This is what is happening to the new generation.
Because of social media and it’s easy to get lost in social media if you’re not careful …
The more time you’re on social media, the rusty your language and communication skills get.
Even if you’re disciplined enough not to swipe through feeds, social media also has a bad impact on your language skills as well.

Let’s be honest, it is more convenient to use abbreviations such as “gtg,” “btw,” “brb.” But this is also killing your ability to write.

It’s okay. Everybody has the same problem.

But it’s not worth sacrificing your language and communicative skills.

Instead, why not do something that a successful student would do?

You could:

  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read a book
  • Practice writing
  • Hang out with friends

Remember, there is nothing wrong with checking social media, just don’t let it get in the way of sabotaging your language and communicative skills.

2: Learn Emotional Intelligence

You’ll want to pay close attention to this one.


Can you say you are good at reading people?

Yes, skip this secret and move on to secret 3 but if you are not good at reading people, then you need to consider learning more about Emotional Intelligence.

But why is emotional intelligence one of the keys to self-confidence?

You see, it’s all about the impression you are putting on so others can see. Are you a people pleaser or are you an alpha who can shape your own path to success?

There are many ways that make a person emotionally smart; it can be reading the situation correctly or knowing how to read facial expressions.

Become more emotionally intelligent and you will be able to better deal with challenges.

But If you are a smart person, good for you but it does not mean you are successful. When thinking about intelligence, think of it only as a tool for you to use to get a certain task done.

But what about emotional intelligence, how can this move you in front of everybody else?

For starters, people will respect you.

You would want to know how to read facial expressions.

Why do you think successful students speak so differently than you?

Let me tell this … it is not a different style of speaking.

It is actually the adjustment they made based on the facial expression of the person they are speaking with.

Many conflicts can be solved and avoided if you know how to read a person’s facial expression.

Reading facial expressions can be:

  • Looking at where the person is looking
  • Paying attention to tonality
  • Understanding the person’s current mood

Keep in mind by reading a person’s facial expression, you are reading how to deal with a situation at the same time. This ability alone can be very valuable to you.

It is a trait that can be teachable; obtaining these particular skills will be a stepping stone to your self-confidence.

3: Take Risks

If you want to achieve success, you need to constantly take risks.

Hell, why not fall in love with taking risks?

With every year being past your time graduating, school will be closer and closer and you will have less time to yourself to take risks.

Why is risk so important to success?

Risk is a measurement of your determination.

If you are determined enough and hungry enough to be successful, then risk cannot harm you in any way; it will only give you even more drive to be successful.


Yes, what can school offer you that will give you said experience to be successful?

You just have to look around you.

Everything you see holds an opportunity for you to leave a mark.

  • Help a friend with something you’re good at, you’ll form a better relationship and teaching experience
  • Take a look at that poster on the wall, drama theatre/performance art, pick up your pen and signup
  • Take part in sport teams

As long as you are doing something that you never tried or never thought of trying, you should do the opposite.

Do you really want to gain confidence by putting yourself out there?

What kind of approach do you want to take to reach for your success?

There’s always the fast way and the long way.

The long way is to walk your own journey, discover opportunities and take risks and gain experience that is valuable to you.


You can do it the fast way. The fastest route you can take is with others who have the same goals and same mindset as you.

Find a community that supports each member by improving each other’s skills and confidence.

If you are having a challenge finding a community that can help you grow your skills and confidence, there may be a resource closer than you think that will help you develop all three skills.


A community that aims to help your language/communicative skills, emotional intelligence, and always pushing you to the limit.

Jazz Lam

Jazz Lam

Staff Writer Intern

Jazz is a copywriter, a person who can help his clients convey their identity to their client’s audience. In the past few years, Jazz has experimented with portrait and products photography and serving as a DJ. These skills gave Jazz the experiences to understand his client’s needs and wants, which also complement his current profession as a copywriter.